Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Realignment and It Feels so Good Pt. 2: "Cold as Ice"

In part 1 of my realignment series, I discussed Major League Baseball's future realignment, where the Houston Astros will move from the National League Central Division to the American League Western Division.  Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association agreed to this as part of their newly ratified collective bargaining agreement.

Like Major League Baseball,  the National Hockey League wanted to realign their divisions for the 2012-2013 season.  In December, the NHL's Board of Governors were forced to realign due to the Atlanta Thrashers move to Winnipeg.  It did not make much sense to keep the Canadian team in the Southeast division so they did a one-for-one swap moving the Jets into the Western Conference.  Moreover, the NHL Board of Governors also voted on a complete overhaul plan that made even more sense in their eyes.  The plan was to realign the league into a 4-conference setup where the top four teams in each conference would make the playoffs and the initial two playoff rounds would consist of inter-conference match-ups.  However, much to the chagrin of the NHL's Board of Governors, the proposal was rebuffed by the National Hockey League Player Association and their new executive director, Donald Fehr.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Realignment and It Feels so Good... Pt. 1

I took my blogging hiatus right as I was in the middle of my top 10 issues most likely to be addressed in the new MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement.  As I easily predicted--- I was not able to get through all top ten; in fact, I made it through three...   Nonetheless, number four on my list was going to be a discussion on REALIGNMENT!

As most of you know, in 2013, the Houston Astros will be moving to the American League West.    However, this came at a cost to ex-Astros owner Drayton McClane, who ended up having to take a discount on the sale of the team to persuade incoming owner Jim Crane to sign off on the move.  But why would Commissioner Selig sign off (some might say orchestrate) a transaction that ended up lowering the team's sale value.  Let's put on our tinfoil hats and cue the conspiracy theory...

I've fallen and I can't get up...

Kidding... But really, it has been a long while since I last posted.  A lot has happened since I left last---as I predicted, the NBA followed MLB's lead in signing new collective bargaining agreements and we were treated to a Christmas miracle with a NBA tip off (even if David Stern was the Grinch that stole CP3 from the Lakers).  I do apologize for my lack of action regarding these events, but unfortunately the holidays, my victorious march in the Constitutional Daily Fantasy Football League, and that crazy thing called "life" took up too much of my precious spare time.   I have said Kaddish and sat shivah for the loss of my beloved Green Bay Packers and I am ready to keep you up to date on all sports labor and employment law developments.  Happy New Year!  

On deck: "Realignment and It Feels so good..."

edit: it is with great irony, and also unintentional, that I decided to resurrect this blawg on the eve of SOPA blackout day...