Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Lockoutx2 Day! And an introduction...

So here I am sitting in Bar Review class, listening to a lecture on how to write an essay on criminal law and criminal procedure. I am about ready to eat the poisoned fruit from the poisonous tree and call it quits. I have not taken a criminal law class or other related class in law school since 1L year. All of my chosen classes were related to sports and entertainment law; intellectual property, and dispute resolution. Unfortunately for me, none of the classes are tested on the California Bar. To maintain my interest in these subject areas I decided to start this blog to discuss the legal intricacies and going-on in this trying time of labor uncertainty in professional sports! Thus, welcome to Lockout Lowdown--a blog dedicated to contemporary labor law issues in professional sports leagues.

The purpose of this blog will be to keep afloat of the current going-on in the collective bargaining process and to try to explain the legal and practical significance in plain terms. I will also add my opinion on the negotiating tactics, legal maneuverings that go on. However, I urge you to take them with a grain of salt and if you disagree, I highly encourage you to share your opinion in the comments. Later on, if these lockouts ever do end, I plan to maintain this blog with significant labor law issues in professional sports as well as a segment I will call "Know your Pro Sports League CBA and Constitution" where I will point out some of the more relevant, bizarre and controversial provisions in sports collective bargaining agreements.

But, before we get to that a little about myself. I recently graduated from Marquette University Law School, where besides gaining my JD, I also received the National Sports Law Institute Sports Law Certificate. Currently, even though I have my Wisconsin law license, I moved back home to Los Angeles, where I am studying for (and hopefully passing...cross your fingers for me) the dreaded California Bar. I hope to eventually practice in sports and entertainment law, but I also am very much interested and emphasized my studies and experience in employment/labor law, intellectual property law, and real estate law.

And without further ado....PLAY BALL er, I mean STRIKEEEEEEEEEE 3---you're locked out!!!!!

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