Friday, October 28, 2011

Major League Baseball's Top 10 CBA Related Issues: #3 A REAL WORLD Series

We are only moments away from the first pitch of the concluding game of the World Series, which has set me up quite well for my #3 MLB CBA Related issue:  a WORLD Series.  But you might be thinking to yourself: "Baseball already has a World Series...  Arn't the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals playing game seven in order to determine who Baseball World Champions are?"

Well, I guess you would be technically right. However, if you look at the world and the composite of all major league teams, you can tell that Baseball has a huge international flavor.  And Major League Baseball has noticed that too.   Major League Baseball has made many efforts to make our "National Past Time" into the "International Past Time" by supporting and helping baseball leagues around the world as exemplified by MLB's involvement to baseball in countries like Australia and China.

But then you might correctly point out that Baseball has a world competition in the World Baseball Classic.  However, not everyone is a big fan of the Classic.  First off, it is held during Spring Training, which causes major leaguers to miss training time.  Also, because patriotic fervor takes over the athlete and each player plays with it all left out there, there is a huge chance of injury that could effect a major leaguer's season.  Thirdly, the WBC is only played once every four years.  And lastly, let's call the WBC what it is, it's basically a glorified All Star Game that closely resembles the old International v. USA NHL All-Star  Game.

Instead, a Real WORLD Series, would pit the champions of each countries teams against the champions of the foreign teams.  So for instance, let's suppose the Rangers win the World Series tonight.  If there was a Real WORLD Series, their season would not be over as they would then advance to the international play-offs where they would duke it out with the champions of the Japanese NPB League, champions of the Australian league and so on until their was an actual WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP team.

Even though this is an awesome idea that would propel Major League Baseball higher in the global market (i.e. $ caching $ caching$), it probably will not come into fruition during these CBA negotiations.  For one thing, because it will effect how many games a player may play in, it is necessarily a mandatory subject of collective bargaining.  Major league players already play a long and grueling schedule and they most certainly will want a majority of any revenue that is generated by having to play what could be as high as 10-20 extra games with harsh traveling requirements.  Moreover, MLB would have to get the international leagues such as the NPB on board as well.   Negotiating a CBA between two parties is difficult enough and adding multiple third parties to any issue be disastrous.  Just ask the NFL!

I will try my best to finish this series before MLB and the MLBPA come to an agreement. However, even if I am not successful, I promise this MLB CBA series will be complete before the NBA Lockout ends! 

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